The unique structure of the Industry Collaboration Portal facilitates easy and efficient access to innovations, expertise, and capabilities across the entire Indiana University School of Medicine and provides a single point of contact for engagement with industry partners. The ICP organizational structure consists of an executive team, external advisory board, and industry collaboration team.

The Industry Collaboration Portal is composed of the executive team, the external advisory board, and the industry collaboration team.

The executive team leads the overall strategic direction and operations of ICP for public-private partnership. Dr. Jaipal Singh, ICP director, serves as the primary contact for IUSM and industry partners.

The external advisory board, which consists of leaders from industry, venture capital firms, and academic centers, provides expert advice and networking to formulate strategy to achieve the mission of ICP. The ICP executive team draws on the extensive experience of the external advisory board members on evolving trends in industry and academic research and changes in the research and venture funding environment.

The industry collaboration team consists of IUSM faculty from diverse disease and scientific disciplines. The team keeps a finger on the pulse of research, expertise, capabilities, and resources at IUSM and helps catalog these in the ICP database. Team members also help identify appropriate expertise and principal investigators for placement of industry projects.